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We make batteries faster.

Upscale the performance and viability of your EV batteries with Gaussion’s game-changing MagLiB™ charging technology.


You could produce batteries that give the average EV driver a week’s charge (200 miles) in under 10 minutes.


Our technology empowers fast-charging batteries that retain their lifespan and warranty criteria after 1,000+ charges.


You can apply our MagLiB™ technology to LCO, LFP, NMC and any future cell chemistry your batteries might use.


Your cost-effective fast-charging batteries will be accessible to a mass global market eager for your new product.

Our commercially viable technology represents a novel, cost-effective, rapid charging solution for both today’s batteries, and future battery technologies.

Dr Thomas Heenan Co-founder and CEO of Gaussion

Electric transport is key to a low-carbon economy, but range anxiety and long charging times remain issues. Gaussion’s fast-charge tech aims to solve them.

Dr John Miles Chair of Gaussion

A world-class team

Gaussion's founders, Dr Thomas Heenan and Dr Chun Tan, have built a world-leading and award-winning team based at a state-of-the-art R&D facility in London. And our vision is supported and driven by two powerful investors, BGF and the UCL Technology Fund.